“To teach the found, reach the lost, and to love all at any cost by the miraculous power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”


“To teach, reach, build, inspire, motivate, connect, and imitate (Jesus Christ). To see the impossible, experience the incredible and achieve the inconceivable.”


Ronnie E. Toney is a committed husband and father, who’s been married for 26 years to Lady Celeste Toney. Together they have three beautiful daughters. Ronnie E. Toney is also a servant leader, who is committed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. He accepted his call into the ministry in 1998, and in 2004 he organized Brighter Day Word Church, where he along with dedicated church members have fed, clothed, and witnessed to thousands. Pastor Toney has also partnered with the Crump Station Police Precinct, where he is committed to bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community.

In 2006, Pastor Toney furthered his education by attending Tennessee School of Religion, where he majored and excelled in Old Testament Theology. Pastor Ronnie E. Toney serves on several boards at the Word Church and works tirelessly to bring education and responsibility to inner city youths and young adults. Pastor Toney is also an advocate and spokesperson for equal rights and interacts with other community leaders to ensure justice and impartiality for those who are misrepresented. Ronnie E. Toney is a Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Educator, Prophet, Community Activists, Leader, Trail Blazer, Motivational Speaker, Business Owner, and more


This powerful woman of God is a spiritual mother to all. Born in Detroit, Celeste Toney faced a plethora of hardships growing up. From living in different houses to being placed in a homeless shelter, she never lost her faith. With God on her side, she has been able to conquer every obstacle. She is proud to tell her story around the world about the wonderful things God has pulled her through. Being a minister and an evangelist of the gospel, her powerful word reaches all. While currently the praise and worship leader, she also started her T.A.G. Ministry (Teaching About Godliness) to teach women in the community about the way of Christ. Married for over 25 years, she is a devoted wife and mother of three. Her saying is that her husband is the head of the house, but she is the “neck” and his support system. Lady Celeste’s goal is that everyone she comes in contact with comes to know about Christ and has the opportunity to be saved.



Kidz Corner – This ministry is offered every 1st and 3rd Sunday morning for ages 1-5 during the sermon. Brighter Day believes in instilling Christ at an early age. During this time, they will get to participate in various activities, such as coloring, watch biblical movies, and more. We also offer snacks.

Youth Worship Experience (Every 4th Sunday from 9:15-9:45) – Our older children will be able to learn more about Christ during this time with a chance to ask questions. We are teaching our youths how to connect with God, and how to live a life that’s pleasing to Him.

Pastor Pop-Ups! – This is catered to children of all ages (and their parents!). The pastor will pop up at the school of any child who is registered in this program. Pastor Toney may have lunch with them, sit in on a lesson, or even go on a field trip. We value education at BDW and want to make sure that everyone is on the right track. Registration for this program is yearly.

Youth and Young Adult SWAGG Ministry – This ministry focuses on everything we try to mold our youths and young adults to be: Saved, Wise, Awesome, Genuine & Gifted (SWAGG). These sessions are offered biweekly and are designed to teach, empower, and equip them to cope with everyday life..


T.A.G. (Teaching About Godliness) – This ministry is dedicated to empowering our women to live a Godly life. These quarterly fellowships can be anything from featured speakers, to lessons, to fun filled-activities, lunch, and more. We love, support, and hold one another accountable to living by the Word of God!


M.O.P. (Men Of Purpose) – This ministry is about building a brotherhood through Christ. These quarterly fellowships will teach our men standards to endure everyday life while keeping God in their hearts, as well as learn our purpose here on earth.

1 A-Cord Marriage/Couples Ministry

This ministry teaches engaged couples about marriage and promotes better marriages. These quarterly meetings provide enrichment opportunities and resources that strengthens relationships, enhance excitement, personal growth, mutual fulfillment, and family wellness.